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We have successfully claimed more refunds from managing authorities than any other organisation. Join the hundreds of clients who’ve chosen Rapid Refunds to find and claim back their deposits.

Getting started is simple

1. Grant Permission

Our free check will tell you whether or not you are entitled to refunds from Local Authorities across the UK. Simply grant us permission to investigate and leave the rest with us. Claims are valid for up to six years!

2. We enforce your rights

Rapid Refunds will liaise with the correct local authority where licences have been granted to ensure you get your unpaid or forgotten refunds returned. You will, of course, be kept updated every step of the way.

3. You receive your refunds

Your money is here! we complete all the paper work on your behalf and ensure the refunds are paid back into your account. We charge a fee of 15 – 20%. Should we not succeed, your case will be closed free of charge.

About us

Claim it back!

We found there are thousands of organisations that are due refunds from temporary structures such as scaffolding or hording  granted by Local Authorities. These refunds amount to millions that remain unclaimed that rightfully belong to you. Your refund is valid for 6 years in the UK.

What does Rapid Refunds cost?

You only pay us if your refund is successful. Upon agreement, we receive 15 – 20% of the refund claimed back. If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay anything. That’s fair, isn’t it? Even our initial assessment of what your owed is free.

Highways Act 1980 legislation

“If you wish to occupy the highway in relation to building works and other purposes, you have to apply to the Authority for permission under the Highways Act 1980. Permission and licence is required for works including scaffolding, building materials, hoarding, site offices and excavations in the highway.”



In addition to the licence fee a deposit is required to be paid. Once works have been completed and assuming no defects were caused, you should request your deposit to be refunded via the process set by the authority.

Why choose us?

Do it yourself

  • Cost risk £0
  • Time consuming & frustrating
  • Small chance of success
  • Lots of paper work & phone calls
  • Lack of experience

Rapid Refunds

  • Cost risk £0
  • Fast & effective
  • High chance of success
  • Market expert and experienced
  • Stress free (we do all the hard work)

Another Firm

  • Cost risk - could cost hundreds
  • Time consuming & frustrating
  • Chance of success unclear
  • Lack of experience in comparison to Rapid-Refund
  • Rapid Refunds are very professional and well driven to help you succeed and get you what your owed. Excellent service and would highly recommend.

    Site Manager

  • By far this company is truly brilliant. If they say they will get you a refund they will. I would recommend them. Thank you very much to everyone that dealt with my case

    Business Owner

  • From the first instance it was a professional service, told me what’s going on whenever things happened. In the end got a fantastic result. Top service.


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