Have you overpaid the Inland Revenue? Are you owed a UK tax rebate? Let Rapid Refunds help you with your tax return.

Our average refund in 2003 was £865 !!

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We are a London based company specialising in UK tax refunds for anyone who left their employment before the end of the tax year (April 5th), has earned under the tax free allowance of £4,745, is on the wrong tax code and has been assessed for emergency tax or is working on a CIS25 basis in the construction industry.

97% of overseas visitors working in the U.K. are due a tax refund! If you are an Aussie, Kiwi, South African or overseas visitor who has worked in the UK, you could be due a tax refund! Call the tax experts now on 0800 071 2222 for an on-the-spot assessment of your tax rebate.

Why not visit our online tax refund calculator to see if you are owed a rebate!

For a fast tax refund download your tax forms now!

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